About us

Merope are a world alternative music band consisting of five musicians each deriving from five different universes. With each member supplying their own artistic background, the result is an unique alchemy of sounds. Merope’s music has the potential to reach wide audiences owing to it’s sensitivity and subtle combination of elements, the musical chemistry of the group emerges forcefully during its concerts. Their music is inspired by ancient Lithuanian songs, embraced by organic sounds, modern harmonies and extending its influence to electronic music. Merope is inspired by nature and dreams, their songs are telling stories about the connection between humans and nature.

Merope has the ability to involve the audience in a musical journey both actively and affectively, creating in this way a new ritual music for the present day.

Their first album ‘ 9 Days ‘ was created solely with solar power and recorded in the open lands of southern Spain. With the second album ‘ Amaranthine’ Merope dedicate the poetic textures and the sound of their inner journeys to the waters of the world.




Jean – Christophe Bonnafous ( France ) – bansuri

Indre Jurgeleviciute ( Lithuania ) – voice, kankles

Bert Cools ( Belgium ) – guitar and effects

Marcello Windolph ( Germany/Brazil ) – acoustic bass

Miguel Hiroshi ( Spain ) – percussion


“The mixture of acoustic and electronic sound is in perfect balance. The beauty and virtuosity embrace each other gently. Consisting of layered melodies, the warm waves of the songs can change direction at any moment. ‘Amaranthine’ is an album to feel relaxed with.” – Gonzo 2015

“Adding the sparkle of electronic detail makes it different from the sound of most world music bands. It gives the music a luminous aura.” – Rif Raf, 2015