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Merope in Belgium and Holland !

belgium merope 

Merope goes to Mexico.

Merope on Tour

merope lithuflyer

After Merope's workshop and concert at Kunsthumaniora Brussel. We thank you all for your nice energy and inspiration!

merope workshop brussels



Merope was together in Den Haag last week to create new music!
greetings to you all !

merope van bright

Merope plays at 'Korzo Theater'

Merope Trailer Live at 'Korzo Theater'

' 9 Days' 3rd best world music album of 2012

Merope CD '9 Days' elected 3rd best world music album of 2012

by music critic Mattie Poels.

Sans titre

 + a Review written by Loretta Shartsis on the '9Days' of Merope

This music brings the light from the spaces in between....

....Five dedicated musicians from five different countries came together in nature, and for nine days shared together their love of beauty and love for creating beautiful music. With all their sensitivity and openness, they did not really try to know what they were creating because it was not done with mental activity. It was done in the surrender of the heart.

And the light of the new creation is in their music. It fills the room. It satisfies the heart, It takes you on a journey of memories that are the fulfillment of some part of your inmost being because we all come into this life with dreams of the beauty and love that are still to come.

Play the music. Light radiates everywhere when the music is over, the silence has changed and you want to hear the music again.

Loretta Shartsis

Merope plays Undine @ korzo theater